HALF BAR HALF TABLES Which half are you? HALF BAR HALF TABLES Which half are you?


Half written, half yet to be written

Cuatrodeocho is Alcaravea Group’s most avant-garde establishment. In search of the perfect complementary half, we are the ideal option for the choosy. To start, we—César, Óscar, María, and Andrés—are four of a total of eight siblings. One half of a whole that inspires a large part of our creations.

This restaurant is half bar, half dining room; half tradition and half renewal; half on menu and half off menu; half portions and full portions. It is a place that is both perfect for an after-work drink or first round of the night, as well as for meals with friends, family, and even clients.

Want to be our other half?


Half cuisine, half palate

Our chefs have meticulously designed each and every one of the dishes on our menu at our burners. Inspired by traditional cuisine and seasonal ingredients, every day they add a pinch of creativity to make each visit unique. Whenever you dine with us, you’ll find something new to try.

Our dishes are made with the best raw materials and are designed to be shared. They are the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. We create our own versions of the traditional dishes we love.


Half space, half emotion

Anything can happen at our restaurant! You came to sign a contract with a client and discovered our establishment, or, even better, you finished work late and we were the spot chosen for your well-deserved after-work drinks. If we can adapt to those radically different moments, we can certainly do the same for any type of celebration. Because if we set out to do something, we do it well.

All our spaces are available to you, in addition to our avant-garde traditional cuisine, to make your event something unique, different, and, of course, special.

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Calle San Mateo, 21. 28004 Madrid
914 474 225


Monday to Saturday 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Closed Sunday